Monitoring and Tracking

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The MCCS program on Carbon Trading and Poverty Reduction relies upon the stability and integrity of the carbon markets and the progress in poverty reduction. We actively track the carbon sequestration that is occurring around the world, and consolidate reporting on the status of poverty in countries where carbon credits are sold.

Carbon Monitor

Our carbon monitoring work involves systematic monitoring and reporting on the status of carbon inventory in key regions.

A unique contribution that Mason can make in this effort is a leadership position in remote sensing, sensor web technology, forest fire hazard assessment and s series of Centers and Laboratories ready to tackle the problem of biomass carbon sequestration monitoring. Partnerships with Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the Center for Research on Environment and Water and others are in place to strengthen our team of remote sensing scientists. Development of international partnerships is underway to further our access to important remote sensing streams.

Poverty Monitor

The MCCS will serve to aggregate and centralize the various poverty monitoring efforts that exist throughout the world, and provide assessments of the progress of poverty reduction in regions where carbon credits are being sold.